Pink Heaven – A Bistro With A Heart Part 2

Pink Heaven Cebu Talisay

In October last year, I was shopping with my sister when I received a message from Pink Heaven’s marketing manager. He would like to properly thank me for an honest review about their restaurant. That being said, he envited me to dine at either of their branches. I was giddy! My very first invite! However, finding a date and time that fits both of our schedules was a formidable affair.

Halloween pranks were pulled, a lavish Thanksgiving dinner was prepared and devoured with gusto, and the Christmas tree decorated in a beautiful haphazard way.

Right after Christmas eve, he sent me another message if I’m still interested in visiting. He also asked if I’m okay with them using the phrase “A Bistro With A Heart” as an official tagline. I said yes to going after the holidays and I conveyed that it is an honor to be the source of their official shibboleth. I felt terrible for keeping that raincheck for a very long time now.

Last weekend, I finally tricked my friends into accompanying me to the place as it takes about an hour to get to Pink Heaven’s Talisay branch. If you are from Cebu City, that is.

Pink Heaven Cebu Talisay

The decor creates a vibrantly homey and welcoming atmosphere. Inside, you will find an array of freshly baked cakes and pastries. We quickly ordered as we are quite famished having just gotten off from work. It took about 30 minutes for our food to be served. This is expected as we arrived at the place just in time for lunch and the tables were almost full.

Pink Heaven Cebu Talisay

This branch has an open kitchen. Aside from creating an unrehearsed culinary experience, it tells you Pink Heaven’s staff is busy making your food instead of being apathetic to your starvation.

Pink Heaven Cebu Talisay

I don’t know if they can hear our stomachs growl amidst the clanking and clinking of their pots and pans, but they will serve slices of complimentary crisp baguette to quell your hungry stomachs. Butter came piped and whirled in a cute bowl.

Pink Heaven
Pork Steak (PHP 230.00)

I ordered their pork steak which is drizzled with mushroom gravy and served with vegetables on the side. The meat was technically cooked impeccably but was a little dull.

Pink Heaven Cebu Talisay
Chicken Teriyaki (PHP 230.00)

Their chicken teriyaki is a game changer. The meat is tender and it had all the mouth watering natural flavors going on. You would hope they have a more liberal serving.

Pink Heaven Cebu Talisay

The roasted chicken is one of popular, cleverly artistic dishes they offer. It has that combination of tender inside and extra crispy outside. The unstinted serving will definitely satisfy and satiate your hunger. Feel free to ask more of that curry sauce.

Pink Heaven Cebu Talisay
Mango Malunggay and Orange Carrot Smothie (PHP 130.00)

For a refreshing drink, try their most talked-about mango malunggay and orange carrot smoothie. Skip it if you have a cough or it will induce a bout of barking. The horrible after-taste of carrot is masked by the citrus in the orange carrot smoothie.

Location: South Coast Center, National Highway, Talisay City, 6045 Cebu

Time: 10AM – 10PM MNL

Phone #: (032) 491 4242


Cuisine: Filipino, Desserts

Price Range: $$

Parking: Yes

Noise Level: Moderate

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