Master Po : The New Master of Chinese Dishes in Cebu

Master Po

When I received my first invite to a Zomato meet-up, I was so psyched. They finally noticed a fresh face on their leaderboards. I was giddy with excitement until I realized that I will have to talk to strangers. The thought that I might stutter awkwardly through my introduction worries me. But before I could convince myself to take another raincheck (which I am constantly good at), I found myself gingerly opening Master Po’s glass doors.

Owned and managed by Jan Joan So, Master Po serves your favorite authentic Chinese dishes. The restaurant’s name came from no other than every kid’s kung fu idol, Po. The Kung Ku Panda lead rightfully earned his right to be on Master Po’s logo based on his chopsticks skills and the ability to eat loads of dumplings.

Jan’s sons, nephew, and niece gracing the walls of the restaurant added a homey touch to the place.

Master Po

Everyone made me feel welcomed when I joined them. Jynx introduced me to everyone. It was very uncomfortable at first but I later found out we have common friends. We didn’t exactly hit it off because I was being my usual reserved self but at least we got past the awkwardness.

Apparently, a Zomato meet-up entitles you to an array of food chosen by your host. The Minced Shrimp Kebab made it to the top 3 of my list. Not just because I love seafood so much but the kebab is presented in a very unique and at the same time, very Asian way. On a lemongrass stalk. Every bite gives you that earthy aroma and flavor.

Master Po
Minced Shrimp Kebab (PHP 160.00)

Second on my list is the Roasted Chicken. Jan shared that the trick to getting the flavor in the meat is to marinate it for hours. They roast and then fry the chicken to get that crunchy skin your vegetarian friend has been secretly lusting on. Despite going through that roasting and frying process, the chicken manages to keep its moisture.

Master Po
Roasted Chicken (PHP 180.00)

The top one on my list is the Basil Pork Skewer. The meat is very tender and is well seasoned. The basil essence exudes from the meat with every bite. The dish is pure Asian perfection on a stick.

Master Po
Basil Pork Skewer (PHP 140.00)

Though not favored by my taste buds, the Beans With Minced Pork is worth mentioning. Everybody loved it. The beans are not overcooked, they are still crunchy and are very sweet. The minced pork is very delicious as well. If I wasn’t being polite I would have eaten all the pork only. *grin*

Master Po
Beans With Minced Pork (PHP 110.00)

Master Po also serves rice pots for only PHP 120.00 to PHP 150.00. Which I believe is every Filipino’s joy.

dsc_1786 dsc_1787 dsc_1784

I ordered the Beef with Dumpling on their Noodle With Soup menu. Everything is perfect except the dumplings have excessive wrappers and you will find the need to cut them off before eating them with the soup.

Master Po
Beef with Dumpling (PHP 120.00)

The crispy Sweet and Sour Tilapia is also good if you don’t mind a little bit of dryness in them. The sauce definitely makes up for it.

Master Po
Sweet and Sour Fish (PHP 100.00)

I took a bite of the Chicken Feet and I was shocked. It is too sour for my taste. I thought they served us spoiled food. Thankfully, it wasn’t. It was meant to taste that way. I was ashamed of how ignorant I am.

Master Po
Chicken Feet (PHP 85.00)

If you think the food in the photo below is a dessert, that makes two of us! This is a banana and shrimp roll. We all didn’t think the shrimp and the banana will work together but it did! The banana’s sweetness combined with the shrimp’s saltiness is a totally different but flavorful world to me.

Master Po
Banana Roll (PHP 85.00)

Location: Ground Floor, Plaza Nouvelle, E. Benedicto Street, Ramos, Cebu City

Time: 8 AM to 9 PM MNL

Phone #: 032-410-9242


Cuisine: Chinese, Asian

Price Range: $$

Parking: Yes

Noise Level: Moderate

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